*****TIP*****: Pay attention to your opponent's face! Knowing their state of mind is your key to victory.

Where the unsuspecting fall prey to your swindling schemes! Use your weighted die to cheat folks way above your paygrade; after all, they were foolish enough to take on the Gambler’s Gambit! 

 However, stay vigilant! Some players (not Favio) may be smarter than they seem! May the Roll of the Dice be in your favor, and may God have mercy on their wallets!

Mouse - Choose Dice / Look Around

Left Click - Select Dice / Throw Dice / Continue Dialogue 

Space - To switch the Camera View!

R - Retry against your current opponent! 

Tab - Open Pause Menu (Control Volume)

NOTE: Press R to Restart the Game if you're at the end!


Ashton, Jack, Jared, and Jonathan for GMTK 2022!

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